War Table

Shoppers in Dover Market Square may have seen "War Table", a five minute film starring young ladies with 40s-style "hair do's" imaginatively reconstructing the vital role of Dover Castle’s iconic World War II plotting table with the help of plasticine and cotton wool.

Its creators are Year 8 and 6th form students from Dover Grammar School for Girls working with representatives from English Heritage, CABE, Dover Grammar art teacher Trudie Beaney and Head of History Gail Swainston, and two independent documentary film-makers who helped them make it.

With part funding from English Heritage and in collaboration with the South East Education team plus support and advice from the castle operations and curatorial team, the girls shot the film during school lunchtimes and on location deep within Dover Castle's Secret Wartime Tunnels. Shot partly in nostalgic black and white, students play the parts of WWII naval staff working at the table and using headphones, maps and other wartime equipment. It is interspersed with scenes featuring animated plasticine models of ships and planes to give a vivid impact of the top secret operations carried out inside the tunnels and their impact on the protection of allied forces.

You can read the girls' diaries on the making of "War Table" by clicking on the link below