Association of Past Pupils

Members of the association number around 300, we are always delighted to have new members and the form to join is shown below. The main objectives of the organisation are to provide members with information of former pupils of the school, to provide opportunities for social gatherings and to raise money not only for those objectives but also to provide prize and project money.

The committee meets three or four times a year to arrange such things as the A.G.M. and the annual luncheon. We also attend various functions at the school and hope to be just a small part in the overall picture. As an association we supported and helped judge the Greek Mythology Project, when students presented, in many different mediums, their interpretations of the myths.

Our Annual newsletter is a focal point for exchanging the interesting bits of information such as where, what and how are we doing. We are moving towards emails and websites etc. but we have no wish to exclude any member so we will be working with a mix for the immediate future.

The centenary lunch, together with all the displays of memorabilia, was very special as the speakers were all “Old Girls” with their special memories of the past decades. Every year we contribute a significant sum towards prizes to encourage aspiring students. Contact the Chair for details of the annual lunch which takes place in late October or for details of any other activities.