Modern Languages

Mrs V Mitchell (Subject Leader French)
Ms G Fleutre
Mrs C Vere
Mrs D Wainwright
Mrs P King (Subject Leader German)
Ms M Morin
Mrs C Adams

French, and German are taught across the Key Stages.

At KS3, girls study French in Y7, 8 and 9 and German in Y8 and 9.

At least one language is still compulsory at GCSE. A substantial proportion of girls carry on with two.

These GCSEs aim to develop positive attitudes towards the countries studied and give some understanding of their culture.

At AS and A2 Level, the courses range over many items of topical interest, such as immigration, changes in French/German society, Literature and political and cultural changes in French or German speaking countries . Lessons are, for the most part, conducted in the target language and the department is fortunate in having five native speakers. Girls at all Key Stages also have lessons with foreign Language Assistants.

This year the department has offered the girls the opportunity to take part in several trips and will continue to do so.

The department has successfully organised exchanges with schools in France and Germany this year and will continue to do so this next academic year.