Information Technology

Mr K Stanley Mr I Carlton (Network Manager)
Mr M Bartlett Mr D Quinn (Technician)                     
Mr B Shaw
Mr J Walmsley
Mrs J Keeler
At Key Stage 3 (KS3), Years 7 and 8 have one lesson of computing a week. In both years students follow a discrete set of modules, based on a condensed version of the National Curriculum for Computer Science.

Pupils in KS3 are taught in half year groups and class sizes are of no more than 67 pupils, supported by two members of staff at a time in an open plan Learning Zone.

Students will then share the same level of competency and be able to use computers in all subject areas. We expect that all subjects use computers and related technology as appropriate and to support and develop students in integrated skills.

There are over 300 computers on the school network, good printing facilities and the Internet broadband connection runs at 100 Mbs. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards in the school and all teachers have access to their own school laptop. The school site is now covered by a wireless network accessible from all areas of the school.

KS3 ICT lessons are held in the "Learning Zone" a large open plan area which can support up to 72 students with 20 PCS and up to 48 laptops. There are also two further ICT suites with air conditioning and 6 batches of laptops sited throughout the school

All pupils have their own network account which allows them to save and access work and log on to the Internet. Internet content is filtered and security software monitors inappropriate use, creating a safe working environment for all pupils. The school has recently taken part in the "Think you Know" Internet safety training program and this is now being rolled out across the school as part of students PHSE entitlement. All pupils have a school e-mail address and a personalised learning space, in line with DFES recommendations. Many subjects provide out of school online access to learning materials via the schools Virtual Learning Environment (Fronter).