Sixth Formers at Dover Grammar School for Girls had the opportunity to debate first hand with KCC Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, Kevin Lynes. Mr Lynes spent a very full morning with students as part of their General Studies and Citizenship programme. This is all part of a drive to encourage highly qualified students to return to Kent post university and take up high skill jobs in the local area. Headteacher Matthew Bartlett had spoken earlier in the week to the East Kent Chamber of Commerce about how this was a key plank in the school’s aspirations agenda ‘We are proud of our community and hope that the community is proud of us’ he commented, ‘our students want to return to their native Kent but are so often prevented from doing so by the lack of suitable opportunities. Working with business and Kent County Council will provide opportunities which we are keen to seize.’ Mr Lynes was quizzed by students about many aspects of policy, not least transport in the Sixth Form and the cost of the Kent Freedom pass.