Exceptional Potential

Our most able students arrive at DGGS with an additional educational need: the need to be challenged at an extremely high level in order to fulfil their full potential. As a school, we aim to ensure that these students are offered the precise, differentiated support and extracurricular opportunities necessary in order to realise their potential and hold their own in an increasingly competitive world.

How are students with exceptional potential identified?

Students who score 120 and above in the verbal, non-verbal or quantitative reasoning tests (‘CATS’) taken in Year 7 are identified as demonstrating exceptional potential based on cognitive ability. In addition, a separate list is maintained in order to identify students who are demonstrating exceptional potential within each subject. Further details can be found in the school’s Gifted and Talented Policy.
Parents of students who are identified as displaying exceptional potential will be informed via letter or by postcard.

How will they be supported?

Students with exceptional potential are encouraged to download the reading lists below and use them as a springboard for wider reading around their subjects. Research has shown that access to varied, challenging wider reading is the most significant factor in improving students’ general knowledge and independence. In addition, we offer the following opportunities for exceptional potential students to extend their learning: