We will seek to promote the highest standards of academic achievement within the grammar school tradition of inculcating a love of learning and scholarship for its own sake. Yet our curriculum is not set in the past, rather it is based on constantly evolving the processes of teaching and learning in which rigorous self evaluation plays a key part. Every student should be empowered by our curriculum which will be constantly reviewed so that no student feels excluded and the talents of everyone, as an individual are recognised and brought to fulfilment.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and follows the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4. Details of the curriculum are contained within each subject area on the website and available to parents on request to the school or as a download as part of our prospectus. Girls also receive a planned programme of personal and social awareness – including citizenship, work-related learning, health, moral and religious education.

Facilities are excellent and we look to continuous development even in these financially challenging times. Classrooms are bright, well-equipped and enlivened by displays of subject material and pupils’ work. We want girls to be fully involved with the life of the school and proud of their successes. We celebrate achievement of all kinds.

An assembly is held most mornings which brings together the school community. Each week has its own theme which is developed by members of staff, groups of pupils or visiting speakers. All assemblies have a spiritual dimension that draws upon the resources of Christian and other religious traditions.

Overall discipline is in the charge of the Head Teacher. High standards of behaviour are expected from all girls, though an after school detention system operates when necessary. Parents and students sign the Home School Agreement and Safe Use of ICT Agreement.

Homework is set throughout the school. Pupils in Year 7 are expected to spend about an hour a night and the time gradually increases each year. In Years 10 and 11, girls spend a considerable amount of time on assignments for their GCSE examinations and must be encouraged to organise their time in order to meet prescribed deadlines.

Education is an empowering force in the world and we want our students to be offered every opportunity to develop their talents in every way possible. The development of the whole person is a dynamic, constantly evolving challenge that we all contribute to whether as students, parents, teachers or the wider community: we are all learners.